The smartest way to enter & exit positions.

Introducing Calculated Finance - A powerful decentralized suite of tools that give you access to a range of recurring swap strategies .

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Take a calculated approach with CALC.

Smarter crypto swaps for everyone, regardless of their familiarity with financial markets or their account balance.

CALC decentralised products

⬅️ DCA in

Customise your own DCA buying strategy with features like price skip and delayed DCA start to have your assets automatically staked for you.

➡️ DCA out

Customise your own DCA selling strategy with features like skipping sells if the price dips and have your assets automatically flow into other strategies.

➕ DCA plus (advanced)

Let CALC’s sentiment analysis machine learning algorithm DCA for you.

⚖️ Weighted Scale Swaps

Swap more when the price moves in the right direction & less when it doesn't.

and much more...

Wait and see what the CALC Community Strategy DAO has in store for you all next.

A hand holding a mobile phone with CALC on the screen

Cutting edge technology shouldn’t require a PHD to use

CALC offers an unmatched user experience. Set up a strategy in just 4 easy steps.

Step 1 for setting up a CALC DCA strategyStep 2 for setting up a CALC DCA strategyStep 4 for setting up a CALC DCA strategyStep 3 for setting up a CALC DCA strategy
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CALC benefits

Just some of the things you stand to gain from using the protocol.

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Take emotions out of your decision making

Make decisions ahead of time and don't get caught up in any hype.

Credit Cards - Bnkly X Webflow Template

Less anxiety and stress

Reduce the frequency at which you check the performance of your investments.

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Save precious time and energy

Our advanced protocols do the work for you.

Loans And Credits - Bnkly X Webflow Template

Invest in line with your goals

Customise your investment strategy based on your financial targets.

Insurance - Bnkly X Webflow Template

No more fear of missing out

Flip short-term decision making into perpetual long-term gains.

Wealth Management - Bnkly X Webflow Template

Take profits whenever you want

You maintain complete control of your assets.

Effortlessly set up recurring swaps, in or out of your favourite crypto assets.

No stress. Set & forget, and just go with the flow!

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Who CALC is for >

Fiat panel

For fiat investors

Cryptocurrency can be hard to understand and navigate at first. CALC's advanced protocol takes the emotions out of your decision making and does all the hard work for you.

Crypto panel

For crypto investors

Those more accustomed to cryptocurrency investing are looking to leverage more advanced tools in order to achieve their financial goals. CALC's suite of financial protocols helps them to do exactly that.

Crypto panel

For long-term investors

Our products are designed for those who want to invest in cryptocurrency for years to come. You do it because you believe in the projects being built as well as the ecosystem that powers it.

CALC V2 is here.

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What people are saying >

Feedback from community members who participated in CALC's product development so far.

“We just had a walk-through of @CALC_Finance's protocol flow All we can say is WOW Just about the most "Grown-Up DeFi" thing we've seen.”
“The way it's going to look will have Binance and other CEX's playing catch-up.”
Product tester
@ kujira ecosystem

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